Shout-out/Handwave to Live Access ASL Facebook Group


Hello, we want to give a quick shout-out/handwave to the Live Access ASL Facebook group. They were founded about four years ago by Shonna Magee Hudson and Chip Watts; they now have over 10,000 members in the group. The group is comprised of both interpreters and Deaf people.

Here’s how it works: If a Deaf person sees a video, a live stream, or something that’s filmed that isn’t accessible, they post it in the group.  There are a bunch of volunteer interpreters who are also in the group, that will pick up the “assignment” and provide video ASL interpretation of the content. They’ll share that interpretation as a comment in the original post.  It’s really an amazing way to provide access.  They’ve been doing this for four years. I am grateful, and wanted to provide some recognition of their service.

If you find a video that you want a translation for – post it in the group.  It can be anything from a children’s story, to a news broadcast, to basically anything else that you’re curious about – just ask, they have people there ready to interpret.

I also encourage you, if you are an interpreter, to join the group and support the volunteer effort. They are truly an impressive group of people.

So, off you go! Check it out!

Jump to the FB group and instructions:


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