RID extends our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Communication access is paramount for the safety and welfare of all our community members. RID advocates for our Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing and DeafDisabled communities and members and is working with federal, state and local governments and organizations to have effective, qualified interpreters, especially Deaf Interpreters, provided when media briefings on Hurricane Ian occur.

The following are important resources for you to use and share with community members, colleagues, and government agencies in your network.


To find a Certified Deaf Interpreter and a hearing interpreter team, RID encourages federal, state and local governments to utilize Florida RID’s member directory here:



If you see a briefing without an interpreter, please notify RID immediately by emailing us at rid.info@rid.org. We will work with you and the appropriate government officials to remedy the situation. Also, visit https://rid.org/rid-position-statement-cdis-at-press-conferences/ for our position statement on using CDIs for emergency press briefings.


RID has compiled a list of resources below for our interpreters and Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing and DeafDisabled communities and members to help maintain safety.

We are thinking of all of you in Florida and hope for your safety and well-being during this catastrophe. We’re hoping for the best possible outcome and that you go through this difficult time with the proper support and resources. Rely on each other, reach out, and stay safe.